Rescue FAQs

Does Dive Quarters carry the items I need for class?
Items you need for individual classes are listed under the class descriptions. Dive Quarters carries or orders in most items needed for class. American Red Cross class books may be acquired through the American Red Cross website at in PDF form.

What is the difference between American Red Cross training and Emergency First Responder training for CPR? 
Both ARC and EFR teach CPR, rescue and safety skills according to current standards established by the American Heart Association. Dive Quarters offers both types of certification.

What do I need to do outside of the classroom and pool?
Depending on the class you are taking, you can do certain things to prepare outside of class. Lifeguard and WSI students benefit from being in shape and practicing swimming prior to the beginning class date. Purchasing necessary equipment (listed under each class description) and doing any required book work ahead may also be necessary.

Can you split up infant/child and adult CPR class?
Both American Red Cross and Emergency First Responder can teach different combinations of the classes.

What if I fail my swim test at the beginning of lifeguard training?
Successful completion of the swim test is required to pass lifeguard training. If a student fails the swim test during class, they have one opportunity to retry the swim test. If the student fails a second time, they do not pass the class and will not be certified in lifesaving. The student may choose to take another lifeguard class at additional cost to the student. Money will not be refunded for the first class.

How often do I need to recertify?
CPR training requires recertification every two years.
Lifeguard training requires recertification every three years.

How old do I need to be to take lifeguard training? CPR training? Water Safety Instructor (WSI)?
CPR Training has no minimum age.
American Red Cross Lifeguard training has a minimum age of 15.
American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) has a minimum age of 16.