Make time for a new activity

2019 is the year in which you find the perfect resort for all your water activities. Look no more! Dive quarters has an offer that will make you very happy. Everything you want for water activities is available on our premises:

  • Swimming facilities
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Pool rental
  • Retail shop
  • Lessons

Beautiful natural resources

We make the most of the beautiful natural resources of the East Coast by combining it with the best facilities, taking pride in looking after the oceans as if they were ours. We strongly believe in protecting the resources we have, that belongs to all of us.

To make everyone enjoy it, we grant a signup bonus for newcomers. Some of our offers are similar to free money offers.

We have offers for beginners as well as advanced bathers.

Our welcome bonus is part of a campaign designed to spread the joys of water activities. With our promotion, you get the chance to test our facilities without being tied up. Our new package is reachable online. It is free and there is no deposit needed. With the bonus code available on the site after you register, you can bring a family member or a friend for free.

Get your souvenir

Our resort is very popular among residents of Canada as well as the United States.

To get your promotion, all you have to do is to register to the Pelican Scoop and we will send you the instructions. It is as easy as that. The offer is valid for all of our activities and there is a surprise waiting for you and your guest. They may vary with the season but these are some examples of the gifts on offer:

  • A scuba mask
  • A pelican soft toy
  • A dolphin soft toy
  • A keyring with our logo
  • Disposable waterproof camera

Also, you and your guest get a 30% discount on all your purchases in our retail shop. The discount is valid during the day of your visit.

Of course, this offer is not the main attraction of Dive quarters. What makes our establishment worthwhile is the quality of both our services and our actual amenities.

One of the widest on the East coast, we have an indoor pool, local dive trips, swimming lessons and much more.

If you have any questions or need clarifications on some of our services, please fill out the contact form below: