Local Scuba Diving Trips

Lake Rawlings
Lake Rawlings was at one time a dry quarry mined for granite rock. In the late fifties, the miners hit an aquifer spring accidentally creating Lake Rawlings. The lake supports large-mouth bass, bream, bluegills, crayfish, and snails. Other features include two sunken buses, a van, several cars, the shell of the sailboat form the movie “The Replacements,” a submerged forest, a swim-through, a simulated kelp bed, a helicopter and huge boulders and granite walls.

In addition to the quarry, Lake Rawlings has several options for overnight stays. Primitive camping, RV/Camper Camping with hookup, Cabin Camping with running hot and cold water, electricity and television as well as a bath house with coin-operated facilities.

Certification Dives with Dive Quarters at Lake Rawlings
Congratulations on completing your confined water and knowledge development portions of your PADI course. The last step to earning your certification is the open water dive. In or to make that go as smoothly as possible, please read and follow these simple instructions:

1. Register with Dive Quarters for a specific day and time to dive at the lake. Go to our lake dive schedule to see what’s available. (put a link here to Lake Dive Schedule)
2. Pick up your gear the day before your dive.
3. Make certain to examine and test all gear, including your personal gear, BEFORE heading to the lake. Make sure everything works and is adjusted correctly. If you have any questions or issues with gear, please get them resolved with the Dive Quarters staff PRIOR to going to the lake.
4. Make certain that you have sufficient weight. The best way is to don your wetsuit and gear and check your weight in the Dive Quarters pool. A general rule of thumb is that using a 7mm wetsuit, such as those provided by Dive Quarters, you should have 10 percent of your body weight plus four pounds for proper weighting. The instructor will not have extra weight at the lake so make sure you bring enough.
5. Arrive at the lake a MINIMUM of one hour before your scheduled dive time. Don’t forget you need time to sign in at the lake gate, unload your gear, park your vehicle and assemble your gear to be ready to dive at your scheduled time. If you are late, the group CANNOT wait for you. It may be possible for you to dive with a later group, but there is NO guarantee there will be space available.
6. Meet your instructor at the Dive Quarters pavilion #4 at the lake. Take a left and drive down the hill once you enter the gate. The pavilion is set back in the woods at the bottom of the hill. It is easiest to unload your gear near the pavilion and then move your car tot the parking lot.
7. Please note that Lake Rawlings requires a signed “Diving Waiver” from each person. If the student is a minor, the form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. The form can be downloaded from www.lakerawlings.com/Downloads/WaiverDiving.pdf
8. More information on Lake Rawlings, including lodging, camping and services, is at www.lakerawlings.com
9. Don’t’ forget to bring water to keep yourself hydrated.

Dive Quarters will provide the following gear. Students must pick up at the Dive Quarters store and transport to the lake.
Regulator set

Students must provide the following gear.
Log book
Weight Belt
Visual and audible signal devices
Gloves and hood optional
Any additional required personal gear if performing dives for a specialty or more advanced class.

On some days, A divemaster may be at the lake assisting the instructor and helping students with their gear. These individuals are volunteers and generally do not receive compensation. Feel free to tip the divemaster to show your appreciation of their efforts.

Schedule and Fees

Lake Rawlings Training Dives
02/23/13 $50
02/24/13 $50
04/13/13 $50
04/14/13 $50
04/27/13 $50
04/28/13 $50
05/11/13 $50
05/12/13 $50
05/25/13 $50
05/26/13 $50
06/01/13 $50
06/02/13 $50
06/15/13 $50
06/16/13 $50
06/29/13 $50
06/30/13 $50
07/13/13 $50
07/14/13 $50
07/27/13 $50
07/28/13 $50
08/10/13 $50
08/11/13 $50
08/24/13 $50
08/25/13 $50
09/14/13 $50
09/15/13 $50
09/28/13 $50
09/29/13 $50
10/19/13 $50
10/20/13 $50
11/09//13 $50
11/10/13 $50
12/07/13 $50
12/08/13 $50