Gear Repair

Dive Quarters can repair many different brands of gear and can provide service for all manufacturers of regulators and cylinders. All repair and maintenance is done in-house by trained and certified technicians. Average time for repairs varies.

Valve Labor    $20
Manifold Labor    $40
Doubles Disassemble/Assemble  $50
O2 Clean Tank    $20
Tank Whip    $20
Tank Roll    $30
Regulator labor per Stage  $25
Inflator Labor    $20
Drysuit Labor per Wrist   $30
Drysuit Labor Neck   $50
Drysuit Leak Test   $50
Zipper Slide Labor   $20
Speargun Rigging Labor   $10
Wetsuit Repair    Varies. Individual items require a quote
Computer Battery Change  Free

Labor rates do not include required service parts. Remember to bring service history and warranties at the time of equipment drop-off. Equipment must be picked up within 30 days of completion or will be subject to a $5.00 per day storage charge. Any equipment left over 60 days will be considered abandoned.