Swimming Lesson Policies

We look forward to meeting your swimming needs. Please take a moment to become familiar with our helpful suggestions, policies and pool rules.

Class Preparation
  • Remember your towel and goggles, if using.
  • Please arrive on time. If you are late, you may swim for the remainder of your lesson. Any time missed will not be made up. Please be ready to enter the water at the appointed time.
  • Please do not eat 30 minutes prior to a Red Cross lesson. Also, please limit liquid intake to small amounts 30 minutes prior to your Red Cross lesson. If taking SwimLife lessons, please follow their agency guidelines.
  • Let your instructor know of any prior swim/water experiences, float use, fears, concerns, developmental issues, social difficulties,  recent or continuing illnesses.
  • Please do not leave Dive Quarters during lessons, unless otherwise arranged with the instructor. Dive Quarters employees and contractors are prohibited from entering the restrooms or locker rooms with your child and may not assist in dressing/undressing. Additionally, Dive Quarters employees are not able to supervise children who are finished with their lessons. If you do leave the immediate area, a cell phone number is required.
Missed Lesson Policy
A lesson missed with advanced notice to Dive Quarters, (i.e. sickness) may be made up. We allow one makeup per session due to illness. If you are planning to miss a lesson, and would like to receive a make-up, Dive Quarters must be notified by phone at the earliest possible time. If you need to change your schedule Dive Quarters needs two weeks notice. Lessons missed because of  Dive Quarters (instructor illness, lightning) may be made up at no cost. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration.

You must pay for lessons to book your lesson times. If you would like to continue your lessons past your six-week block, you must pay in advance. Your time slot will not be assigned back to you until you have paid and if you wait, it may be assigned to someone new. We have an extremely popular program and we encourage parents to schedule sessions well in advance.

Severe Weather Policy
In the event of lightning storms or severe weather in the general area, Dive Quarters follows recommendations made by the Red Cross and the National Lightning Safety Institute. All pool users must follow and enforce this policy at the very minimum although the individual instructors may choose to exceed the safety limits if their particular certifying agency requires greater stringency.
From the moment you see lightning or hear thunder, no matter how far it seems, everyone must leave the water and should then proceed into the main building from the pool area. Everyone must remain out of the pool for 30 minutes from the last strike or sound of thunder. There are no exceptions to the minimum of 30 minutes.

Students who miss a lesson entirely because if severe weather will receive a makeup. Students who must leave their lesson within the first 15 minutes will receive a makeup. Students who must leave the pool during the final 15 minutes of their lesson do not receive a makeup.

Dive Quarters will make every effort to contact parents if we have cancelled lessons due to impending weather, however, the Hampton Roads area is known for having sudden, isolated severe weather. Just because there is a storm in Chesapeake does not mean we have one here. Feel free to call about cancellations if you have a concern.

Consideration of Others
Please remember that each parent has different goals for their children’s swim lessons. We provide several different methods of instruction, each one backed by a national certification agency with stringent standards and research. It is important to respect, and not criticize, other parents’ choices. If you have questions about particular methods or goals, feel free to ask the instructor for more information.

Because of space issues, we cannot accommodate “family” locker rooms. Children over the age of five may not enter the locker room of the opposite sex. If your older child or a younger sibling needs to change, please use one of the empty classrooms or the changing rooms on the retail floor rather than leaving the older child unattended in the hallway or sending the older child to change alone in a locker room. Additionally, older girls may use the separate changing booth in the women’s locker room.

Emergency Procedures and Illnesses
During either a medical emergency or a sudden illness, the swim instructors or lifeguards are completely in charge. Follow their instructions. All of the staff is trained in water rescue, hazardous material containment and oxygen administration. Unless you have more medical training than the staff, or you are asked to stay, please leave the pool building and head for the retail space. During illness emergencies we follow guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control which, under certain circumstances, require the use of chemicals. We do not want to expose you or your children to them. We reserve the right to allow an instructor to make the decision not to swim a child because they appear ill. We will reschedule your lesson under these circumstances. Typical reasons might be a severe cough, complaints of a stomach ache (especially if something is going around), fever, lethargy, etc. If you notice that your child is acting out of the norm, PLEASE inform the instructor.

Dive Quarters Pool Rules
  • Absolutely no jewelry. Dive Quarters is not responsible for lost jewelry, retrieval of lost jewelry from the filters, or searching the pool area for items. In addition, precious metals will erode form contact with chlorine over a very short period of time. This means your prongs on stone settings, clasps, etc. will fall apart form continued use in the pool. Finally, a child or instructor could be injured by snagged jewelry during a lesson.
  • No band aids, unless required to cover a potentially transferable issue like molluscum contagiosum or poison ivy.
  • No gum. Students, parents and siblings are not permitted to chew gum in the pool area. Gum must be removed and placed in a proper receptacle prior to entering the pool facility.
  • No diapers. Children who are not COMPLETELY potty-trained are required to wear REUSABLE swim diapers. Disposables such as “Little Swimmers” are not an allowable substitute. Regular diapers are forbidden except during the final days’ swim for ISR. Reusables may be purchased in-season at stores like Target and off-season through many catalogues and also from Dive Quarters. Swim diapers should be very snug. You should feel confident that any waste would be contained in the event of an accident. Smaller babies (i.e. SwimLife) must wear two diapers, one over the other.
  • No food allowed in the pool area. We understand that some parents want to bring snacks to entertain siblings. Unfortunately, crumbs from food attract ants around the pool. We cannot use chemicals to kill ants by the pool because they wash into the pool. In addition, the SwimLife and Red Cross children have eating guidelines and it is not only inconsiderate, but causes potential meltdowns when children who aren’t permitted to eat must watch others snacking.
  • No glass objects in the pool area.
  • No running on the pool deck.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by parents.
  • No sitting on the steps or playing in the water if you aren’t actively participating in your lesson. It is a distraction to the students in the pool and we try to limit the amount of wave action.
  • Siblings and children waiting for lessons are not permitted to touch or play with swimming toys or aids on the pool deck. Children should be accompanied indoors to the restroom and should not be allowed to play alone in the pool hallway. Please watch children as they exit the pool building. The door swings towards the pool and children can be knocked down or run over by someone entering the pool.
  • Watch the hot water at the shower.
  • Please use the shower appropriately to shower off. Do not allow children to play under the shower as entertainment or to hang on the hoses. Our water heater is small and we need to use the hot water sparingly so everyone has an opportunity to use it. Plus, we like to conserve water.
  • Customers must park in the front of the building. This is a lease requirement as well as a safety issue. The back doors are not meant for exit and entrance and they are not handicap accessible.
  • Do not leave siblings in the retail area unsupervised.
Pool Policies.
If you have questions or comments about our policies, feel free to contact Jill Doczi at the Dive Quarters number or in person.